Steven Anderson – Chief Editor

Steven is an electronics majors and a seasoned PR professional with extensive experience in the electronics industry. Steven has worked for a number of technology magazine as a contributing editor. Steven currently handles all the editorial aspects of The Modern Electronics. You can drop him an email at

Mina McMahon – Sub-Editor

Maheen is a computer science graduate with keen interest in semiconductors. Because of her natural flair for writing, she decided to opt for journalism as a career option. Originally from London, she has lived in Seoul and Tokyo. She enjoys international dialogue, animals and coffee. You can drop her an email at

Yhumi Tsun – Contributor

Yhumi holds a masters in computer science, but her love for mobile technology led her to divert her strength to the world of news and journalism. She loves new gadgets, especially smartphones. You can drop her an email at

Shirley King – Contributor

Shirley is a journalism graduate, online copywriter and a contributor at The Modern Electronics. She specializes in consumer electronics devices. She dedicates her spare time to playing football. You can drop her a line at


Sindy Thompson – Contributor

Sindy has a writing experience of about five years yet she has managed to impact millions of readers throughout the world with her very catchy phrases. She is an all genre writer but her favorites include technological innovations. You can drop her a line at