About Us

The Modern Electronics is all about electronics – modern as well as current. As a news site, The Modern Electronics brings to you the latest new in the world of electronics. We cover not only consumer electronics, but advanced electronics, medical electronics, scientific electronics and all other fields where electronics have made a huge impact.

Research in electronics is an ongoing process with hundreds of thousands of scientists and thousands of organizations involved in it; however, very few publications bring to the members of general public up to date information about such R&D efforts. There is a huge gap between what is being researched in the world of electronics and what is being presented to the world. The Modern Electronics aims to fill that void through its extensive cover of developments in electronics research.

The Modern Electronics is being owned and operated by a team of journalists who have a hybrid experience of being academically proficient in electronics, but have professionally been involved with the PR front of the electronics industry. Such hybrid experience has enabled them to bring to the fore key developments in the world of electronics and present them to the masses to increase awareness, interest and involvement.